This week I will be mostly… loving the .jpg

Fiona Chambers
Fiona Chambers

There are many Fiona’s in my life. Some would say too many. Fiona Chambers asked me if I was collecting them. I choose to give them nicknames or numbers to differentiate (eg. #1 aka The Bad One, #2 aka The Good One, #7 aka Fink, etc.). This Thursday evening, Fiona Chambers, or “Fiona.jpg”, will be opening her solo show at Monster Truck. Fiona.jpg claims her work is about the unreliability of images, particularly in modern media. The title of the show, ‘The following programme may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes’, comes from a disclaimer on an American reality TV show. Fiona.jpg thinks she’s cleverer than this lot and chooses to re-contextualize a series of images to create absurd and often hilarious new narratives, like the one above. The show opens Thursday 30th April at 6pm and runs for a week or two… hang on, yeah, the 12th May.

Tomorrow I’ll also hopefully be popping down to the launch party for Kennedy Browne’s work for the Irish pavillion at this year’s Venice Biennale. As you may have seen on the Photography page of this site, I was working with Gareth & Sarah on the project in February & March, but it’s all still a bit of a secret, so I can’t reveal anything. I’ll see what they divulge to the public tomorrow.

Speaking of Monster Truck (this blog is starting to turn into a vehicle for MTG&S advertising… I swear they’re not paying me!), our band Zabba (See above) played our first gig there last night as part of their monthly music/poetry performance night. We played first for many reasons, including the fact that the others on the bill were real musicians and the like. We had a good crowd though, mostly singing along and even two little boys dancing energetically the whole way through our 5-song set. Afterwards, Lisa O’Neill, Eimear O’Grady and Edward O’Rourke impressed everyone with their witty words and clever tunes before Bennie Reilly and Michelle Considine of Little X’s For Eyes played a few really nice songs. The evening continued with open mic slots and songs around a bonfire. I’ll hopefully get my hands on some photos from the night soon and put them up here. The next such event in Monster Truck is scheduled for Tue 2nd June.

Here’s one of the Abba songs that we cover but we didn’t actually play last night. Maybe next time.

MP3: Abba – The Visitors – [Buy]


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