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Lisa Hannigan - Road Records

Lisa Hannigan - Road Records

I’ve been having a pretty fun week since my birthday, even getting some bonus time off work! Went to Arty Party in Twisted Pepper on Thursday night and it was loads of fun. Some nice work on show and a good bunch of heads to hang around with (as evidenced by Loreana’s pictures here). I was working in TBG&S on Friday night at the opening of Eija-Liisa Ahtila‘s exhibition ‘The Present’. It’s a strange show, set up kind of like a creepy classroom – with 5 separate tables arranged around the space with TVs showing video clips. The clips are shortened versions of a piece she made in 2002 which is based on interviews with 5 women who have developed psychoses. I like it, but it will probably get to me when I’m sitting in the gallery for hours on end. Last night I went to see my sister’s play ‘Never After’ in Smock Alley Theatre. It’s a pretty tough play, dealing with women being trafficked for prostitution. My sister did a surprisingly good job of playing an Indian girl though!

Yesterday was Record Store Day around the world. We wandered around town early in the day and checked out what was on offer. The box of free CDs in Tower was reduced to Brian McFadden, Destiny’s Child and George Murphy singles by the time we rifled through it. The 202s were playing in there to a decent sized crowd. We also went to Road Records earlier where I found the DOOM masks and other bits and pieces. We saw Paul Noonan & Dave Geraghty from Bell X1 playing a short set behind the counter. They played that recent single with the strange lyrics and it was nice to see Paul laughing a little as he sang that bit about the Cornetto. So it’s not just us then. Lisa Hannigan joined them at the end for “Some Surprise” from The Cake Sale album. There seemed to be a lot of Lisa fans around the place who may have been disappointed by her only doing one song, but judging by the queue of people advancing towards her afterwards, clutching their copies of ‘Sea Sew’, they probably got their money’s worth.

I bought the compilation CD that Road made especially for Record Store Day. Individually numbered (mine is 008) and featuring unique photo prints by Dave Kennedy on the front of the nice cardboard sleeve (mine is this one), the CD features 16 – mostly unreleased – tracks from the likes of Villagers, Halfset, Jape, Chequerboard, So Cow, Katie Kim, T-Woc, Halves and the following song by someone called John Haggis which I really like.

MP3: John Haggis – Bitter Root Hill – [Buy]

P.S. Yes, the Picnic line-up is becoming more disappointing each year as the anticipation surrounding it’s announcement increases each year. That being said, I’m not complaining about seeing Fleet Foxes, Orbital, Chic (!), Bat for Lashes, Lykke Li, Marina & The Diamonds, ESG, Moderat, Four Tet, Simian Mobile Disco, The Low Anthem (nice!), Villagers, Jape, Efterklang, Micachu and the Shapes, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Walkmen and Chris Cunningham’s performance. Of course, I’ve seen loads of them before so there’s not many that I’m that excited about.

Baby watches Dave Geraghty

Baby watches Dave Geraghty

Paul Noonan - Road Records

Paul Noonan - Road Records

Lisa Hannigan - Road Records

Lisa Hannigan - Road Records


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