1/40th of a Millenium

kDamo rave knitting
kDamo rave knitting

Having managed to finally move house a week or so ago, there was major fun in my new gaff in Stoneybatter last week as we celebrated a triple birthday, and of course Holy Thursday. So many people arrived at the house once the pubs closed at midnight that it even turned into a quadruple birthday. Minimal structural damage and maximum fun ensued.

The following day, the traditional Good Friday debauchery was a well organised affair. This year, tons and tons of us, still hanging from Thursday night, were shipped off to Kinsealy in hired coaches. I made it to Monster Truck just in time to get on the bus and away we went to Across The Way Gallery & Studios where the second half of the ‘Town/Country’ exhibition was taking place. As well as actually getting the chance to see the work on show, I got to enjoy the big party and far too much sangria before dancing the night away inside while Attention Bebe proved that they are the most fun band in the entire world.

Birthday/Easter festivities have continued with the usual feast of chocolate eggs and throwing money away on horses I know nothing about in the Grand National.

Here’s a song that Aphex Twin wrote for me for my birthday.

MP3: Aphex Twin – Avril 14th – [Buy]


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