This week I will be mostly… bussing it.

Catherine Barragry - Why Foxes Don't Get Drunk
Catherine Barragry - Why Foxes Don't Get Drunk

While Bobby Armstrong‘s latest show in the nice, new(ish) Kevin Kavanagh gallery and an RHA solo show by The Rennick are both very good options, this Thursday (2nd Apr) I shall be working with Catherine Barragry on her project ‘Why Foxes Don’t Get Drunk’. The work is part of the rather good Camera Obscura show by 1st Year MA students from NCAD which is currently running in the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield. It’s a really strong exhibition in a building that seems like it was accidentally built for exhibiting art works.

Catherine will be performing in the Phoenix Park, somewhere near the magazine fort on Thursday evening from 6-8pm. Buses will be taking people to and from both the Lighthouse Cinema and NCAD (where the Guerrilla Girls are giving a talk, hopefully explaining why they’re so well thought of). A sound station will be set up in the Phoenix Park and Catherine will be playing both her own music and music brought along by visitors (CD, Vinyl or new fangled things with USB connections). It should be good fun and interesting to see what people bring with them to blast out in the open air.

If my legs have anything left in them when we’re finished up there, we’ll more than likely be hitting the Twisted Pepper, where 1st Year NCAD students are presenting Don’t Be A Square, an exhibition of work that seems to be mostly in circular form. A worthy excuse to hit that sweat-box early on a Thursday night and stick around for the Mr Jones club night.

MP3: Born Ruffians – Foxes Mate For Life – [Buy]


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