R2D2, He’s in the Ra!

Rubberbandits live in Eamonn Dorans
Rubberbandits live in Eamonn Doran's

The Rubberbandits played their second ever Dublin gig on Monday night in the far more appropriate surrounds of the basement of Doran’s. They played the Button Factory last week, but a band this filthy should only be seen in a dingy little venue like this. And the place was packed full of eager ‘bandits fans, squashed close to the stage while DJ Mek either played his own strange style of music with a grumpy face or had lots of technical difficulties. The guys played a brilliant set lasting about 25 minutes, the only downside being that they condensed all the brilliant lyrics from “Up Da Ra” into one short verse before giving us an updated list of people who are “in the Ra” including St. Patrick and Anne Doyle. They should be back in Dublin in May to wow more audiences so keep an eye out.

MP3: Rubberbandits – Up Da Ra


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