The Delivery Room

The groundbreaking first post on kDamo’s WordPress.

Shite picture kindly stolen from

Unfortunately, just like the poor woman above moments after this carefully staged photo, you are now left dissapointed, deflated and slightly disgusted at the end product. But there will be better days ahead. Over the coming days, weeks and years (if I don’t get bored and go elsewhere) I will learn to walk and talk as well as a real child. Sure, there will be times when I fall, times when I throw up on you, soil myself or throw my excrement around but someday… someday you’ll be standing there proudly, watching me all dressed up in a suit bought from Best Menswear in St Stephen’s Green during a 50% off sale. And I’ll hold my head up high and say ” Not Guilty”.

Thanks for popping by. See you in the future, I hear it’s going to be great!



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